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Subject: Reporting birds kept in bad conditions @ Petland Discounts, Inc. (corporate pimps)

petland on staten island :: when there cage a bird they really cage it. the birds there are never let out to fly some birds are there almost a year an half… not right..same setup as your petland please lets do some thing? maria. every time i go there i cant even go to the back anymore.

I walked into Petland on Tarrytown Road in White Plains today, it’s next to Barnes and Nobel Books. There is a very small, maybe six foot by four foot room that is complete closed where ALL of the birds are kept. There were four types of conures and parrots in there – and a cockatoo. A young boy was in there readjusting shelving. He had a mask on. The smell coming from the room was the worst I’ve ever smelt. It burned my eyes. there was feces all over the cages and splattered on the front of the cages. There is no air circulation in there, and the birds can’t possibly be breathing well.

Is there anyone here that can help report them. I want to call the Dept of Health, but is there a better place or way to report this?