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To view the thread go to: Subject: Reporting birds kept in bad conditions @ Petland Discounts, Inc. (corporate pimps) petland on staten island :: when there cage a bird they really cage it. the birds there are never let out to fly some birds are there almost a year an half… not right..same setup […]

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United Poultry Concerns President Karen Davis Presents “The Social and Secret Life of Chickens: A Lecture with Visuals & a Book-Signing” in New York City , December 30, 2009 Please join Karen Davis at the Mid-Manhattan Library, 455 5th Ave, New York City, December 30, 2009, at 6:30pm, for a stimulating presentation about chickens Synopsis: […]

They call it “avian erotica”

Yes, one might think initially it is pretty cute. Except, one wouldn’t like it if he were the one being used for “science”. To find out whether a bird is paying attention these days, it seems you have to get a little risqué. That’s what a researcher at McMaster University in Hamilton did in a […]

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Discussion: Today I went to Chase bank at 86Th St and York Ave (445 E. 86 St. – Channel Club Condominium) and I stopped to say hello to the elder gentleman that sits in the garden area, in front of the bank, to feed breadcrumbs to a few pigeons. Very sadden with tears in […]

Plane in the Hudson And the Birds

Anaida Krok, founder and president of The Good Conduct Society, an organization she leads for the preservation of birds, today congratulated the Black Throated Green Warblers for safely bringing down the US AIRWAYS Flight 1549 in the Hudson River. The 155 passengers and crew were quickly rescued with only a few minor injuries. “There are […]